Introducing “Traveling Rabbits” Visiting New York From Japan


Art Contest Grand Prize Winner, Taichi Hara, will hold his First Overseas Solo Exhibition in Downtown New York in early November 2018. 


DATE:  Wed, November 7th - Sun, 11th, 2018,  Opening Reception: Wed, Nov 7th, 6-8pm

VENUE: Ashok Jain Gallery, 58 Hester Street, New York, NY 10002

HOURS: Wed-Sun, 12pm-6pm (Mon. & Tue. Closed) 


TAICHI HARA, a modern oil painter from Japan, recently won the grand prize at “the Contest in New York,” sponsored by “New York Art Wave Project.” Its purpose was to introduce new modern Japanese artists outstanding in Japan to the home of art.  

As a supplementary prize of this contest, Hara opens a Exhibition.Hara was successfully selected out of 42 contestants by the judges and the visitors to the Contest, after careful documentation screening among 200+ applicants. 


“LEGEND” (see attached) is named for the loving art piece that made Hara won at the contest.  It describes a small rabbit witnessed a mysterious, impactful, imaginary event of a “cow scull” fallen onto the Tower of Babel, replicated from the great art of Dutch artist, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This is a Must See sensational painting that spiritually, emotionally stimulates every viewer’s imagination. 

“It is new but reminisces you olden days. It could be likely seen but is a rarely seen unique image,” commonly commented by quite a few of the inspired viewers. 


“A Journey to the Tower“ is the theme of Hara’s first solo exhibition in NY this November.  The same melancholy “rabbit,” drawn on the “Legend,” appears every artwork, and will guide you through the luxurious illusionary tour in your minds, finally destined to the land of “Legend.”  His pieces of artwork on this show beautifully display a full variety of artistic expressions, including uniquely designed characters, buildings, vehicles, and imaginary sceneries, painted in an academical and skillful way that never get you bored, by providing good tastes of pop art, portraits, implying social satires, or paying homage to famous masterpieces of art. 


Hara earned the degree in oil painting art in Japan, actively and consistently produced his own artworks since 2006, lately awarded prizes in contests at Nichido Art Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.  He has 5 and 1 year old children, and his father, an abstract painter.  Exciting to see what adventure Hara and “the rabbits” will experience in the art scene of New York, the journey across the ocean to the Tower of Skyscrapers.  ###



New York Art Wave Project

 SAI MORIKAWA  The Organizer


TAICHI HARA  Artist   

312 Tonohiraga Matsudoshi Chibaken, 270-0004, Japan

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My works will exhibit in GALERIE NICHIDO booth(E10), ART FAIR TAIPEI2018.

DATE: October 26th (Fri) - October 29th (Mon), 2018
VENUE: Taipei World Trade Center
HOURS: 11:00-7:00pm (until 6:00pm on October 29th)
Art Fair URL:


SVIP Preview
12:00am-3:00pm, October 25th (Thu), 2018
VIP Preview:
3:00-9:00pm, October 25th (Thu), 2018


Work of Taichi Hara

Series of rabbit's journey

I am an imaginative oil painter live in Tokyo. I am often inspired by fragments of fairy tales made by myself. In my story, the rabbit named Giasu travels with dog that comforts his loneliness.


In my works, there are many kinds of characters, vehicles and places. For example, a self-satisfied one-eyed king, a floating town, a ship made of cattle bones, a beautiful and dangerous mechanical Sphinx and a human-sized tin robot.


It is often said that life is like a journey. Giasu's journey reflects my experiences, what I have seen and heard, challenged and learned, and who I have met. Every time I draw, Giasu's story will have more variety. I hope you'll enjoy the journey with Giasu the Rabbit.

art work of Taichi Hara. 画家・原太一作品
art work of Taichi Hara. 画家・原太一作品


Born in Matudo,Chibaken,Japan


Graduated from Musashino Art University

Selected Solo Exhibition

2006  Gallery Kaze, Ginza, Tokyo

2016  Ginza Yokyo Hall, Tokyo

2018   "A Journey to The Tower" Ashok Jain Gallery, NY, US


Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 - 2016  "Field of Now, "  Ginza Yokyo Hall, organized by Japan Fine Arts Dealer's League

2010 - 2012  Tsubaki - Kindai Gallery booth, ART FAIR TOKYO, Tokyo International Forum

2017  Galerie nichido booth, ART FAIR TAIPEI, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

2017  "52nd Showa - Kai Exhibition, " Galerie nichido, Ginza, Tokyo



Selected Awards

2017  Talens Japan Prize at the "13th Sekaido Award Exhibition," Tokyo Metoropolitan Art Museum, Ueno, Tokyo

2018  New York prize at the "53rd Showa - Kai Exhibition, " Galerie nichido, Ginza, Tokyo

2018  Grand prize at the "The Contest in New York, " Ashok Jain Gallery, NY, US


Art Fair Tokyo 2010

I exhibited bright and dreamy paintings. 




This work was selected by the 52th Showa-kai exhibition in 2017.

"Departure at night" by TaichiHara
"Departure at night" by TaichiHara

A work was published in July of 2017, a major art magazine "Art Window" in Japan.

Solo Exhibition in New York